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Working closely with clients for 100 years

Established in 1912, Myers Clark is one of the largest independent firms of Chartered Accountants in Watford.  Myers Clark has experienced remarkable change over the 20th century; surviving two world wars, economic recessions, a new monarch, and unprecedented technological advancements.

The longevity of the firm can be attributed to the steadfast values of the firm; integrity, innovation and clarity, whilst ensuring that people remain the priority. Committed staff, 15 different directors and loyal clients have enabled Myers Clark to embrace change and achieve success.

Known for applying integrity, clarity and innovation to everything we do, Myers Clark continues to provide expertise and professionalism to individuals and businesses across Hertfordshire. Myers Clark offers a broad range of tax, audit and accountancy services for hundreds of businesses and individuals, as well as national and local organisations in the not-for-profit sector.

This century has brought unprecedented changes but Myers Clark remains aware of its roots in Watford, always occupying offices in the same postcode, in fact, Myers Clark has moved only 0.7 miles from its original location.

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"I would commend Nicola Ferriday and Sumeet Bajaria, who have met the deadlines I have imposed. Both have been very professional and accommodating. Nicola's advice has been clear and kept me on the straight and narrow. I would like to express my appreciation of the staff of Myers Clark for their helpfulness and enthusiasm for assisting me.”
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