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Wenta 30th Anniversary event

“Now that the dust is settled and we have time to reflect on the success of our 30th Anniversary conference, I am taking this opportunity to thank you on behalf of the Wenta Board and staff for your help and sponsorship of this event.

From the number of emails and letters already received, there is no doubt that the day was a great success and greatly appreciated by all those attending. We were delighted with the attendance from partners and supporters from across the counties. In these difficult economic times, we would have struggled to have put the event on in the way that we did without your sponsorship support for which we were most appreciative.

We set out to celebrate Wenta's considerable achievements over the past 30 years. We also wanted to tell our stakeholders about the broad range of activites we are now involved with across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and beyond. Finally we wanted to give our audience a memorable experience. We successfully achieved all three objectives.

So on behalf of the Wenta Board and our staff, thank you again for your valuable contribution. The day could not have been as successful without your input and it was greatly appreciated."

Chris Pichon, Wenta Chairman

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