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Website Design

The Meaning Behind the Design

Over the last century, since J. Edwards Myers and William Stuckey Clark opened a new branch of their London accountancy firm, Myers Clark has experienced and witnessed considerable change, and the longevity can be attributed to committed staff and directors and loyal clients. Recently technology has seen unprecedented advancements and this is reflected in our website.

The clean design reflects our professionalism and integrity and the improved functionality of our navigation should demonstrate that your needs are important to us and that we want you to feel positive about working with Myers Clark. The simple navigation mirrors the accessible nature of our services. You can be sure your accountant will help you navigate any financial complexities. We pride ourselves on being an approachable firm and encourage regular contact to build a strong working relationship.

We have made updates which guarantee we still stand out from the crowd. We continually look to improve and develop; whether this is through staff training, new technology or meeting new contacts, to ensure we are able to provide the highest quality service and excellence in everything we do.

Whilst Myers Clark has grown considerably since its establishment in 1912, we remain aware of our roots in Watford and this in reflected in the combination of images; both of staff and Watford itself. As you will see from the website, people are our priority; all the images used are our staff, which why they probably seem so familiar. We strive to provide the best service for our clients, without forgetting that it is our staff that help make this happen. The staff featured in our photographs range from juniors to seniors, as we strongly believe that we work best as a team and a happy team at that!

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