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Cloud Accounting

Myers Clark embraced the cloud when it first reached the UK market, this timely move has permitted Myers Clark the appropriate expertise and experience to support numerous clients in their transition to the cloud. 

Our cloud accounting team work in partnership with you in a dual control environment, on a real-time basis, providing advice and support in a pro-active way. This means your financial data is always up to date and accurate enabling you to make informed, stress-free business decisions. 

Cloud accounting software allows you to hold information in the cloud and automate a number of bookkeeping processes. Multiple users are able to securely access the data from anywhere, minimising the need to be in an office. The software enables processes to be automated, which increases efficiency and accuracy.

Cloud Accounting has a number of benefits:

  • Ability to share records with your accountant
  • Work in real-time
  • Access anywhere at any time (on your smartphones, tablet or laptop)
  • Increased efficiency and accuracy
  • Increase focus on high value activities

For further information about Cloud Accounting and how it can work for your business, please email Priya Raja-Motala on 01923 224411.

What software provider should I choose?

Whilst many of the cloud software offer similar solutions, Myers Clark recognises that no two businesses are the same, each with individual needs, circumstances and personalities. Therefore we have experts in-house who specialise in a number of cloud software to help you find the best ‘fit’ for your business.

QuickBooks Online is ideal for small businesses. The sleek design and dashboard is easy to use and instantly shows you how your business is doing. The ability to access your accounts anytime and anywhere is especially useful for owner-managed firms who are time-poor. The software works in real-time and automatically updates bank accounts, increasing efficiency and ease. QuickBooks Online integrates with OCR software to automate the purchase ledger.

Sage One provides simple online services for growing or established small businesses. The software facilitates the management of cash flow, quotes, income, expenses and VAT, as well as more powerful features that let businesses trade internationally, control permissions and access, and get real insights into their finances and future with business forecasts.

Xero is an online accounting software that connects small businesses with their advisors and other services via the cloud and over 500 app integrations. It provides businesses with a real-time view of their business’ finances and performance in a simple and secure way. Xero is based around the principle that small businesses are sensitive to small change in their balance sheet and cash flow. Like the other software, Xero has a main dashboard which provides an overview of financial performance, expenses and profit.

Xledger is suited to medium-sized businesses, particularly those with freelance employees and project managers. Ultimately, Xledger is an accounting and business system, enabling you to monitor stock, manage costing and billings as well as track creditors and debtors. The Optical Character Recognition software facilitates easier receipt-management, invoicing and bank transactions; the software reads the receipts and processes the data according to rules and previous actions.

For further information, please contact Priya Raja-Motala on 01923 224411.



“Myers Clark is always ready with appropriate and timely advice and guidance for the Royal Caledonian Education Trust as the Trust evolves and develops its work. It is a long standing relationship which the Trust deeply appreciates.”
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“1From partner to trainee, I've found Myers Clark to be both understanding and responsive to our needs as a small charity. Their specialist knowledge and experience have been invaluable to us and we look forward to working with them in the future.”
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