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Fee Protection

We offer all our clients a Tax Investigation Protection Service; this protects you from professional fees if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of an HMRC enquiry.

Tax investigations cause unexpected and unwanted bills. With the government promising HMRC a further £800m to pursue non-compliance and tax evasion, large numbers of businesses and individuals will be affected by this compliance activity.

The Tax Investigations Service Myers Clark offers is designed to provide clients with protection against the representation of costs of an enquiry. If selected for an investigation, we will defend you and aim to resolve the matter within the shortest timeframe possible.

The Tax Investigation Service will enable us to:

  • Respond on your behalf
  • Deal with all correspondence from HMRC
  • Prepare and defend your case
  • Negotiate the best possible outcome for you

Typical enquiries can last 19 months and cost over £5,000 of professional fees, simply to prove your finances are correct.

Why subscribe?

  • Tax investigations can be selected at random and they can take years to settle, costing thousands of pounds
  • The fees for this work are your responsibility to pay, whatever the outcome of the enquiry, and you are considered guilty and have to prove your innocence when HMRC deem that you have paid insufficient tax
  • We have an excellent record dealing with HMRC and are dedicated to fighting your corner during enquiries

If you subscribe on behalf of a business then:

  • As a director/partner you will also gain protection for your personal return providing you are a current clients of ours, and your current and previous returns have been submitted on time
  • You will have access to a free 24/7 Business Legal Helpline covering Employment Law, Health & Safety and Commercial Advice

HMRC: The Facts

  • HMRC collected £26.6bn from compliance in 2014/15, up from £23.9bn in 2013/14
  • 46% of HMRC staff are now involved in enforcement and compliance work
  • £7.3bn of compliance yield from UK’s 2,000 largest businesses, up from £5.9bn in 2013/14
  • £414m from compliance activity into the UK’s 6,000 wealthiest individuals, up from £268m in 2013/14

In addition, Connect, HMRC’s aware winning technology helps identify risks on tax returns submitted by individuals, partnerships and companies. Connect matches information held by other government agencies, tax evasion reports made by the public social media profiling and data provided by third parties such as banks and letting agents. HMRC is exploiting this data further by moving all of this information into a single storage space called the ‘enterprise data hub’, where tax staff will see everything they need to know about an individual in one place.

A thorough defence is crucial to ensure you only pay the right amount of tax. Our Tax Investigations Service ensures you can afford a full, expert defence in the event of a tax enquiry and we strongly recommend that all clients subscribe.

If you would like more information about this protection, or to subscribe for a small annual fee; please contact Kath Wilson on 01923 224411 or email at kath.wilson@myersclark.co.uk



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