Are you ready to get
serious about your

A support network for SMEs who are ready to get on the path to achievement

You’ve got a business that works and you’re ready to get serious about reaching your goals.

The problem is, you’re swamped. The more you take on, the more you lose sight of where you’re going. You’re working too many hours, wondering what you’re missing out on.

We’re as serious about your goals as you are, and we’re here to get you back on track.

You’re the kind of person who is ready to be challenged, which means ironing out the issues stopping you from moving forward.


You are aware of your strengths, recognising you need advice on the financial stuff


You are future focused, keen to be held accountable to your goals


You are in need of a business partner as a sounding board for decisions

We’re serious about
your ambitions.
Not serious people.

It doesn’t mean we’re solemn, stern or dull. Quite the opposite.

It means we’re in it for the long haul. We’ll be there to guide you and hold you accountable to your goals all the way through the journey.

This is a relationship,
not a transaction

We’re accountants, but we do a lot more than sorting out your books and saving tax. We’ll be your sounding board and confidant, freeing up your time to talk about the future, and providing you with the financial insight to live it.

You’re just as serious
about the gaps in your

You’re determined in your strengths, but willing to recruit expertise in the areas you’re not confident in, because you know it’s required for growth.

We’ll help you establish your goals and keep you accountable to them, showing you how your numbers play a huge part in your success.


Path to

Ambitious business owners accept they’re on a journey with their business. They know that having the right professionals on the journey with them is vital.

With ambition…

  • comes drive
  • a desire to achieve
  • realisation you CAN do it on your own

But it’s faster, easier and more satisfying working with a great team around you.



  • A partner to endorse decisions and be your sounding board
  • A relationship that yields return


  • Mindset and processes are challenged and improved
  • You get clear on what you want to achieve


  • Your business works for you
  • Your business is an investment in the future



“Before engaging with Myers Clark, we had four different accountancy firms helping us with various aspects of the business. This led to uncertainty and confusion. We didn’t know where the company was or how to move the business forward. After working with Myers Clark, we have accounts we can be confident in, a financial operation which is easy to use and ensures we keep on top of the key financials. We feel less stressed and able to focus on other aspects of the business!”

~ Adrian McMullan, Lightbulb Analytics Ltd

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