Fake HMRC email scam telling taxpayers they have been taken out of Self-Assessment

The HMRC is warning of a new scam email which is aimed at taxpayers. The new variant claims to be from HMRC and explains that the recipient is no longer eligible to receive a tax return and the recipient will need to sign up with their current details to regain access to the system.

Though the email has a HMRC logo in the correct green, there are a number of errors as well as the unofficial email address which will likely have signalled to many recipients the email was scam.

However, there have been some clients who are concerned they appear to have taken out of the self-assessment system and have contacted their agents or clicked the link.

The HMRC have advised previously about phishing attempts and ask you to check their website for online security advice and examples of known phishing emails.

If you do receive any emails which you believe to be spam, please forward them to HMRC atphishing@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk  and then delete them.