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Do I need an Accountant to file a Tax Return?

Tax Return

This is a common question when thinking about completing your Tax Return.  Can I do it myself or do I really need an Accountant to file a Tax Return.  Well, the simple answer is it depends. It depends whether you have the time, whether your time would be better spent elsewhere, and how complex your […]

Benefits of submitting your Tax Return before the deadline

tax return

If you have been completing a Self-Assessment Tax Return for a while you know it is an annual ritual that has to be performed.  It needs to be done without fail no matter what.  There are some who prefer to submit the return early with plenty of time, whilst others leave it to the last […]

Why you should file your Tax Return before the deadline

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Every year, as certain as Christmas, we have the self-assessment tax filing deadline. This deadline is always on 31st January.  And every year just like getting organised with your presents and Christmas cards in time for the big day, we also need to get organised with gathering the information, preparing the tax return, and submitting […]

HM Revenue & Customs powers are extended

Under new rules introduced by the Finance Act 2021, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) have acquired some extra powers when it comes to collection of tax and information gathering. Will HMRC contact my bank directly? A new “financial institution notice” was created to speed up the process of getting information to tackle tax evasion.  HMRC […]