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Cycle to work scheme – how does it work?

cycle to work scheme

Have you ever wondered what the cycle to work scheme is?  Do you have friends or family who are taking their bike all or part of the way to work and saving tax in the process? The cycle-to-work scheme is used by over a million employees across the UK.  It saves them money and enables […]

Things to watch out for when calculating minimum wage

minimum wage

Last month, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) released the first update from their National Minimum Wage (NMW) promotion team. Going forward, they plan to provide quarterly updates on certain things to watch out for when calculating the minimum wage. You should sign up for the employer bulletins.   Why is it important to get the […]

Why should you understand your PAYE code?

paye tax

Does it matter if you don’t know exactly what is in your “Pay As You Earn” (PAYE) code? After all HM Revenue & Customs have all the information and they will issue the right code which your employer will apply.  So why should you understand your PAYE code? It is common for taxpayers to be […]

The best ways to take money out of your company.

taking money out of your company

What are the best ways to take money out of your company?  This is the most common question asked by many clients. You choose to operate your business as a limited company for various reasons.  One of the top reasons is normally so that you can have protection under “limited liability” and the other is […]

Making recruiting easier

 The UK employment rate was estimated at 75.8% in December 2022 to February 2023. This is 0.2% higher than September to November 2022. The increase is due to more part-time employees and self-employed workers, and it means the labour market remains tight. So, what can you do to make recruitment easier for your business. In […]

Getting ready for end of tax year

end of tax year

We are almost in April and that means one thing, end of the current tax year is approaching. So how can you be getting ready for the end of the tax year?  There are a few things to consider over the coming week as the last day of the current tax year is 5th April […]

Should you payroll your employee benefits?

benefits in kind

For some years now employers have been able to payroll benefits for their employees. The obvious question for you as an employer is should you payroll your employee benefits? What are the advantages and the draw backs of taking such a step?   So, what are we talking about here? We are talking about employee […]

The Autumn Statement 2022

Yesterday we had the first Autumn statement from the newly appointed Chancellor. Jeremy Hunt was faced with a challenging economic backdrop to his first major set piece. He is grappling with a combination of over 11% inflation, a recession, and the need to re-establish the UK’s financial credibility following the turmoil of September’s mini budget […]

The Mini Budget 2022 – Revisited

Have you kept up with all the changes in the mini budget? From the time of the initial announcements on 23rd September we were in fact expecting more announcements but not the type that came over the last two weeks.  The mini budget 2022 has been revisited properly this week by the new Chancellor Jeremy […]

Important changes to holiday pay


  The Supreme Court has recently ruled on calculating holiday pay for part time workers.  These important changes to holiday pay means that part time workers are entitled to minimum pay irrespective of how many hours they actually work.   Bit of background In a recent case (Harper Trust v Mrs Brazel), the latter was […]