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Autumn Statement 2023 – The Overview

Autumn Statement

The Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, made a statement on our economy last week. The Autumn Statement 2023 unveiled the current government’s tax and spending plans. The statement also focused on the growth of the British Economy over the coming years.   The UK Economic Outlook   The Chancellor expressed a strong desire to prioritise the expansion […]

Autumn Statement 2023

autumn statement

Earlier today, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt delivered the Autumn Statement 2023. He began by stating that the economy had performed better than expected and that “real” income had increased. As a result, he announced 110 measures in the Autumn Statement that aim to drive growth.  We were thankful that he did not go into each and […]

What’s happening to the UK Economy?

It’s been some time since we saw a weakness in the UK job market.  But this week we received news from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) that unemployment rose slightly to 4.2% (from 4%) in the three months to August 2023. So, what’s happening to the UK economy? The ONS explained that the figures […]

Things to watch out for when calculating minimum wage

minimum wage

Last month, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) released the first update from their National Minimum Wage (NMW) promotion team. Going forward, they plan to provide quarterly updates on certain things to watch out for when calculating the minimum wage. You should sign up for the employer bulletins.   Why is it important to get the […]

What are your duties as an employer?

employer duties

Currently, in the UK, there is a shortage of high-quality staff to support businesses. There are multiple reasons behind this, and some of them are beyond our control. However, you can control the type of employer you are. The initial step is to comprehend your responsibilities as an employer. So what are your duties as […]

How to be a good landlord

good landlords

Many landlords are having a difficult time right now. For many of you, it’s an anxious time due to a few things happening, like rising interest rates and new legislation.  So why is it important to think about how to be a good landlord? Following the death of a young boy (Awaab Ishak) in 2020, […]

Why managing your cash is so essential right now

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the UK’s inflation rate has decreased to 7.9% for the year ending in June. This is positive news as the rate of price increases is slowing down. However, it’s important not to become complacent and to continue monitoring your finances closely. In the current economic climate, managing […]

Why is it important to file your accounts on time ?

Most of us accountants are keen to make sure that you file your accounts on time.  If you are a seasoned business owner, you will already know that if you file your accounts late you will receive penalties. But why else is it important to file your accounts on time? You can review the full […]

How can Artificial Intelligence work for your business?

You can’t have missed the conversation about artificial intelligence (AI) recently. This is because there is now a new wave of AI technology. This brings an opportunity to automate many routine or administrative tasks and improve the overall efficiency of your business. You know we have been talking cloud accounting for a while because that […]

Do you have a growth strategy?

business growth

You might have a great product or service to sell but without a business growth strategy to help, it may not grow at all! To grow you need to have a well-documented and clearly defined growth strategy. A growth strategy starts with identifying and accessing opportunities within your market. The strategy addresses how your company […]