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Is it still worth being a landlord?

The property market for landlords has been experiencing a lot of changes in recent months. After the interest rate hikes, many landlords have been questioning whether it is still profitable to continue being a landlord. They are curious to know if the business of being a landlord is still worthwhile.   Why is it difficult […]

Tax deductible expenses for your property business

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In the field of the rental business, whether an expense is tax deductible will very much depend on what it is.  However, the ability to deduct expenses in a property business depends on the status of your rental business. So, what do we mean by the status of the business?  Well, when it comes to […]

How to be a good landlord

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Many landlords are having a difficult time right now. For many of you, it’s an anxious time due to a few things happening, like rising interest rates and new legislation.  So why is it important to think about how to be a good landlord? Following the death of a young boy (Awaab Ishak) in 2020, […]

The upcoming EPC changes for Landlords — These changes have now been scrapped – Sept 2023

The Government has proposed a new EPC change for landlords requiring a Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) to move from E to C.  This upcoming change to the EPC requirement could be expensive for landlords and needs careful planning.   What is EPC?   EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificate and measures the energy efficiency […]