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Tax deductible expenses for your property business

vacant property

In the field of the rental business, whether an expense is tax deductible will very much depend on what it is.  However, the ability to deduct expenses in a property business depends on the status of your rental business. So, what do we mean by the status of the business?  Well, when it comes to […]

How to be a good landlord

good landlords

Many landlords are having a difficult time right now. For many of you, it’s an anxious time due to a few things happening, like rising interest rates and new legislation.  So why is it important to think about how to be a good landlord? Following the death of a young boy (Awaab Ishak) in 2020, […]

How can you incorporate your property business in a tax-efficient way?

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Landlords are currently facing a challenging landscape, causing many to reconsider their decision to remain in the industry. If you plan to continue as a landlord, you may now be considering incorporating your property business.  This could deliver some financial and tax advantages. But how can you incorporate your property business in a tax-efficient way? […]

Renters Reform Bill – what is it and what do landlords need to know.

Landlord Reform Bill

The Renters Reform Bill initially promised in 2019 was published last month (May 2023).  The government says this piece of legislation will deliver “safer, fairer, and higher quality homes, thanks to the once-in-a-generation overhaul of housing laws”.  However, it is not expected that it will become law until next year. So where does this leave […]

The upcoming EPC changes for Landlords — These changes have now been scrapped – Sept 2023

The Government has proposed a new EPC change for landlords requiring a Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) to move from E to C.  This upcoming change to the EPC requirement could be expensive for landlords and needs careful planning.   What is EPC?   EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificate and measures the energy efficiency […]

Should you buy a holiday let and use it yourself?

January is normally when so many of us start looking at our holiday plans for the year ahead. What better way to spend those cold dark evenings. A few of us even dream of having a holiday place that we can call our own.  And why not? A place of our own in a familiar […]

What is Rent a Room Relief

rent a room

Rent a Room scheme was introduced twenty years ago and still remains a very useful relief when you share your home with tenants. The move was initially made to encourage you as taxpayers to share your spare space. Twenty years on we still have a housing crisis, so the relief remains relevant. So, what is […]

Should you buy a property in your own name or within a company?

If you already have a property portfolio or are considering building one, should you do this in your name or within a company? Also, if you have a portfolio, is it worth transferring it into a company rather than holding it in your own name? In recent years landlords up and down the country have […]