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Should you buy a property in your own name or within a company?

If you already have a property portfolio or are considering building one, should you do this in your name or within a company? Also, if you have a portfolio, is it worth transferring it into a company rather than holding it in your own name? In recent years landlords up and down the country have […]

Business expense if you don’t charge a market rent?

Are you a landlord? Have you let out your property at an undervalue? If so, what business expense can you claim if you don’t charge a market rent? As a landlord and a tax payer you want to maximise tax savings and claim all the possible expenses against your rents.   Why would you not […]

What expenses can you claim against your rental income?

repairs for rental property

If you have any business, you want to make sure that you maximise your tax position. The same applies to when you are a landlord, so what expenses can you claim against your rental income? We refer to these as allowable expenses so in other words your business costs that can be deducted from profits. […]

Is it a repair or improvement ?

The most common question we deal with when preparing accounts for landlords is “is it a repair or improvement”?   It can often be difficult to distinguish between repairs and improvements. However, it’s extremely important to report them correctly for tax purposes. Repairs are often referred to as revenue expenditure and improvements as capital expenditure. […]