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Travelling expense when you are working from home

travel expense

The pandemic has changed a few things but one of the key changes has been that more of us are now working from home. The question that is now being asked is what can you claim for business travel? Travelling expenses when you are working from home is something most employees seek to claim back […]

Tax breaks for your garden office

building a garden office

Most restrictions in England will end tomorrow as Plan B comes to an end! Which side of the divide do you belong to?  Is it time to get back to “normal” and for everyone to go back to the office? Or is it too early and we should all carry on working from home until […]

We are now at Plan B so what is your plan?

working from home

We are now into week one of Plan B even if at the time of writing this blog our MP’s are still debating measures amid Tory backlash. It seems that vaccines are still our best line of defence and so until the majority of adults have received their booster jab it would be reasonable to […]