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What are the best benefits to offer employees

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For a few months now, we have known there is an acute shortage of talented people in the general workforce in the United Kingdom. Some industries such as hospitality are having more of an acute shortage due to other factors such as Brexit, but staff shortage is spreading across all industries and in all parts […]

Trivial Benefits

HMRC has published draft guidance on the new statutory exemption for trivial employer-provided benefits in kind. The new regime will see an employer to employee benefit in kind exempt from tax according to newly specified conditions

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How do you get payroll right for your small business?

Are you a business that operates your own payroll? Do you want to be involved with paying your staff or is it because you do not want to incur payroll fees? How do you get payroll right for your small business? Do you rely entirely on the software? Or the HMRC Basics Tools?  Do you […]

How not to lose your staff to your competitors?

It seems that every week in the news we are hearing about staff shortages in the UK and when we speak to you about this many of you are confirming the same. So, how do you retain your staff. According to the BBC the shortage has been aggravated by the fact that 400,000 people have […]

Introduction of the new Health & Social Care Levy and how it works

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Last week saw the introduction of the new health and social care Levy.  Whilst this came as a surprise to many it was not all that unexpected.  The UK with its aging population has over many years debated on how to deal with the rising cost of social care. It took the pandemic (and the […]

Travelling expense when you are working from home

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The pandemic has changed a few things but one of the key changes has been that more of us are now working from home. The question that is now being asked is what can you claim for business travel? Travelling expenses when you are working from home is something most employees seek to claim back […]

How do you understand your PAYE code?

Everyone who is on a payroll or receives a private pension will have a tax code from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).  This code also referred to as PAYE code tells your employer or pension provider what tax to deduct. But how do you understand your PAYE code? Do you fully understand what is and […]