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Ways to reduce your corporation tax bill

Corporation Tax

With the corporation tax rate rising from 19% to 25%, business owners have started to face higher corporation tax bills from 1 April 2023. So, what are the ways to reduce your corporation tax bill? If you are running a profitable business, you may be wondering if you’re taking advantage of all the tax efficiencies […]

Changes to R&D tax relief schemes

research & development

In the Chancellor’s Spring 2023 Budget , Jeremy Hunt confirmed changes to the two Research and Development (R&D) schemes currently in operation. These changes came into effect from 1 April 2023 and are being brought in to help tackle a significant amount of fraud being perpetrated through the R&D schemes, particularly the scheme for SME’s. […]

What’s the difference between cash accounting & traditional accounting?

Have you recently started a business? Or are you a small business with turnover of less than £150K? If so one of the decisions, you’ll make is whether to use the cash basis for accounting or the traditional accounting method.   As a business you will need to keep records of your financial transactions from […]