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Our work in the community

Myers Clark has always believed that a strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is important for the company, its clients, and the community. For years, we have been helping financially where possible. Albeit in a very small way. We used to have dress-down days like the “mufty days” in school, and staff members would donate money […]

Disappointed by their accounting firm. Why S. Hille Holdings wish they’d found Myers Clark sooner.

Running a business is rarely a solo effort. Being successful and profitable often means relying on other people for support – whether that be experts inside or outside of the company.   So, what happens when you realise a professional relationship isn’t serving you?   The family at S. Hille Holdings found themselves in exactly […]

Why is the workplace culture important now

workplace culture

Is the workplace culture important?   You will have heard of Generation Z and how their expectation of work is so different.  For Gen Z the workplace culture is important.  This generation will soon pass the Millennials as your new employee and your new customer. Gen Z tend to bring their personal values to their […]

What can your business learn from a car manufacturing giant?

business culture

The “Toyota Way” as it is often referred to in the world of management is a set of principles supported by two main pillars – continuous improvement and respect for people. So, what can your business learn from a car manufacturing giant?   This is a blog for those interested in business so it will […]

How to stay positive in uncertain times in the workplace

This is the big question of the day. How to stay positive in these uncertain times especially when it comes to the workplace. Not only have we had a global pandemic for two years, but we also have political upheavals around the globe, an all-out war on European soil and new stories everyday about rising […]

What is it like working as an ACA trainee at Myers Clark?

You’re here because you’re looking for the right place to undertake your ACA training and become a qualified Chartered Accountant.   We know how important it is to learn the ropes in an environment where you feel valued and on a structured path to achievement.   We wanted to give you a picture of what […]